About the company

Vega Vita Brno, s. r. o. company has been operating on the Czech agricultural commodities market since 1999. Among our main activities belongs trading with oilseeds, legumes, cereals and some other commodities.

Oilseeds and legumes are mostly utilized in food processing industry (milling industry, bakery, packaging industry, canning industry) or they serve as the components for production of feeding mixtures. The cereals are used as a raw materials for the milling and feeding industries.

The majority of the goods comes from the domestic production. During the existence of the company we gained valuable experiences in trading with the agricultural commodities both on the domestic and foreign market. Currently we export agricultural commodities into the whole EU as well as outside of EU. Among our satisfied customers belong business partners from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia.

Hope you become our satisfied customer as well!